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Earth Bean Coffee: Beans of Well-Being

Earth Bean Coffee: Beans of Well-Being

Let’s be honest here, a world without coffee would be somewhat of a disaster. Living in such a competitive and demanding age, we are all doing our best to thrive at the proper pace. It’s not always easy to perform all of our daily tasks while taking life’s curveballs in stride. This is where we must thank our ancestors for the curation of coffee. Loved internationally for centuries and enjoyed by nearly every age group, 400 million cups of coffee are consumed per day in the US, which is equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee consumed per year. The only problem that most of us probably don’t ever even think about is: Do you know if your coffee is entirely safe?


For Joan and David Leclerc, the owners of Earth Bean Coffee, coffee has always been something they’ve shared a passion for, in addition to a shared desire to promote a better tomorrow for our planet. Opening just two months ago in the heart of the Fashion District, located just mere blocks from Santee Alley, a coffee shop of this style is exactly what the neighborhood was missing. Serving only organic products served in plant-based cups and dishware, the need to purge yourself of any product that could be harming you or the planet may be strong with you after your visit.


“With coffee, there’s a lot of waste.” says Joan. “There are a lot of to-go cups, lids, straws, and also just food that ends up in landfills. There are also tons of coffee grinds that end up in landfills, so we actually compost everything.”


Needless to say, the couple behind Earth Bean is all about their organic coffee. What most people don’t know is that coffee is one of the most-sprayed crops by pesticides. It used to be on the FDA’s Dirty Dozens list, and although it no longer remains on said list, it is still pretty unsafe.


“It’s something people don’t really think about because you know, coffee is coffee, but it’s something you’re exposing yourself to every single day,” says Joan. “If it’s your daily habit, you should make sure that you’re not drinking conventional coffee because you don’t know what you’re exposing yourself to.”


Aside from their coffees, Earth Bean offers a mouth-watering array of superfood lattes and tonics all with the purpose of nourishing a different part of your body and mind. A favorite among patrons is their CBD Cold Brew Mojito, which is comprised of cold brew coffee, mint leaves, agave, coconut cream, and CBD, which reduces anxiety and acts as a stress reliever. Extras such as their dairy-free almond and oat “mylks” are made in-house daily, and you can add CBD to practically anything for only $3. Earth Bean also offers a selection of toasts and bagels, a variety of oats with chia, fresh fruit, and granola, and a few drool-worthy treats such as their vegan fudge.


Another way that Earth Bean gives back is through collaborating with One Tree Planted, an organization that restores parts in need around the world by planting trees indigenous to each area. Basically, $1 equals one tree from each bag of Earth Bean Coffee sold. Open Monday-Saturday from 8AM to 5PM, allow Earth Bean provide your morning or mid-afternoon pick me up with a little bit of caffeine-induced R&R. | 1040 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Written by Dakota Nate | Photography by Rebekah Lemire

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