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sixth+mill pizzeria and bar: A True Southern Italian Pizzeria Opens Up In The Arts District

sixth+mill pizzeria and bar: A True Southern Italian Pizzeria Opens Up In The Arts District

DTLA may not have an official Little Italy but Italians are gathering around the dinner table in the Arts District’s sophisticated Officine Brera. That same team, Factory Place Hospitality Group, took the empty space next door to Brera and turned it into a third business venture. The new sixth+mill pizzeria and bar is a back to basics approach at the culture and cuisine from their very own Southern Italian roots.


The vision of sixth+mill came to life from the idea of restaurateur Matteo Ferdinandi, his business partner and culinary director Angelo Auriana, and beverage director/partner Francine Diamond-Ferdinand- all had about inspiring their childhood memories. Pizza being their specialty the menu is well armed with killer plates from pasta to salads, and innovative cocktails.


The space opens up beautifully with natural light and sleek modern space with ample seating, a wide view into the kitchen to witness the beautiful Mario Acunto Neapolitan-style wood-fired oven encased with refractory bricks, cooking away the delicious pizzas. Having a high reputation from their previous work, sixth+mill was bound to be a great hit.


The menu, as described my Matteo himself, is an interactive menu that has allows the guest to be very creative. It includes meals to share with your family and loved ones and the wine + drinks menu compliment every flavor included in Chef Auriana’s delicacies for everyone to enjoy at a moderate price. Matteo explained that he understands the new, “more approachable” and “interactive” dining concept of today’s young people, those visiting from or not from LA, but more importantly locals. Sourcing ingredients from all over Italy, the recipes are creative, different, conceptual, but at its core true to the culture.


On the pasta side, two of the dishes offer handmade noodles, but don’t miss out on the meatballs, there is no exaggeration when I tell you it’s the best meatballs I have ever had. The whole purpose of this restaurant was to amplify Southern Italian cuisine, with the best quality natural ingredients, all the meanwhile simplifying the idea most non-Italians have about Italian fare. They’re a proud culture and with reason! The food has the emotional appeal, and attachment, of warm family love served on a plate the chef de cuisine, pours his heart into his food.


Even the staff has a motto on the back of their uniform shirts, “STRAIGHT OUTTA ITALY” that make the whole concept even more fun. Having just recently opened for lunch the place was packed within minutes of its opening hours, plenty of loyal from Officine Brera, but also a lot of young professionals who seemed to be having a great time at their table.


Keeping it simple but impressing, the hospitality group is expanding outside of Los Angeles fairly soon. Riding the wave of success right to the doors of the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’re heading west to represent, not only Los Angeles, but true Italian cuisine. | 1335 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Written by Mariana Ramos | Photography by GL Askew II

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