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LA Wine: Uncorking Our New Neighbor

LA Wine: Uncorking Our New Neighbor

“It’s not just now, it’s the future.” A bold perspective paired with a bold sip of wine. David DeLuca is a thinker, a downtowner who appreciates the delicate process of a community, while fully understanding the Bottle Age of our city. This well-known wine term can be applied to the recent uproar of activity in our metropolis.


Consider our infrastructure the bottle of our downtown society, while growth, maturity, and age are leading us towards a gallant future of endless possibilities. David sees the potential, delivering a simple concept that you probably weren’t aware we even needed. That is, until you walk through its convivial front door.


This is LA Wine, an all-inclusive neighborhood abode that offers a thoughtful experience of valued vino from the lengths of Mendocino to Santa Barbara. If you take a moment to understand that the simple namesake of Chinatown’s newest gem was up for grabs, it’s then you’ll uncork the potential that exists within this intimate and thoughtful setting.


Inside LA Wine is a calming and minimalist aesthetic, paired with a rooted design reflecting the charm of wine country. Stools surround a long wide open aired bar, while subtle colors of brick and mahogany layer to mimic late summer wine seasons. The wine — all selected by David — is delivered in the most adventurous form “showcasing what California can do, very farmer focused, highlighting producers that I’ve worked closely with over the years.” David originates from the wine world of California, and his new vision gravitates towards “oddly rooted wines, with very complex tastes.” In other words, the shelves are reserved for the most unique and exciting flavors to roll down your throat. Similar to a tasting room, you’ll find up to three wines from a selected producer, aiming to fully give a visitor a rounded sense of what that label is creating, a true understanding of the makers signature.


David reflects on the choice of the Blossom Plaza location, “Chinatown was specific because this was all vineyard land one hundred years ago, that’s initially is what drew me here.” Meat and Cheese baskets will have your mouth watering, but perhaps the best pairing with any chosen glass is The Chinatown Metro Station Gold Line. The stop is an easy trek into LA Wine, making it difficult to find any reason not to make it a weekly tradition to show face.


Amidst the blinking neon and bonsai trees, LA Wine feels like a safe house from the daily city hustle, a bar to let the mind blissfully wander in any direction it so chooses. The house label is in the final stages and set to make its debut soon.


The name? You guessed it — LA Wine. This brings us a full circle of the simplicity of this entire idea and operation. David, with his smooth and intelligent delivery, grins while gazing into his glass, “It’s kind of what started this whole thing, the fact that no one had trademarked the name. It’s weird it took Downtown this long.” Well, we were waiting for you David, and the future is now. | 900 N Broadway Ste 1070, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Written by Travis Platt | Photography by Robiee Ziegler

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