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Tuck Hotel Lobby Bar: Drinkcation

Tuck Hotel Lobby Bar: Drinkcation

As soon as you step into the Tuck Hotel, you’re ready to stay, move in and never leave. The design inside this 14-room boutique hotel hits you right away at the lobby level - it’s crisp and modern yet warm. The staff is attentive and welcoming. And you don’t need to be checking in for the night to benefit – just head over to the popular Lobby bar and grab a drink.


It’s no wonder this place is wrapping up its first year with rave reviews – just look at who’s at the helm  - Chef Juan Pablo Torre. Torre hails from Argentina and is of Italian descent. He comes from a long line of hospitality and hotel giants in Italy. And Torre’s lived many lives. He was once on the path to becoming a doctor but immediately switched gears when he realized he’d rather live his days in a kitchen, “I didn’t feel like my life was going to be in a hospital,” says Torre. So he enrolled in culinary school and cut his teeth in Sicily, London and Spain. And now all that experience expresses itself beautifully in every corner of the Tuck Hotel. He’s straightforward, generous and charming.

So grab a seat at the Lobby bar and let Torre’s team take care of you. Let them shake you up a balanced cocktail to help you temper the day’s troubles. Here’s a quick guide. If you’re looking for a sip of summer order up the Bramble, a vodka cocktail with lemon, mint and fresh berries.  Or you can also get the Spanish gin and tonic served in a large Barolo glass. It’s simple, refreshing and refined.  If you’re feeling feisty and need to take the edge off real quick get the Spring Street Cartel, a masculine Mezcal and orange bitters drink that hits the spot after a crazy work day.


Now that we’ve satisfied your thirst PLEASE do not leave without ordering one or all of the following dishes.


The Buñuelos de Porchini are not to be missed! These warm mushroom beignets will haunt you, as in you will think about them when you’re on the treadmill, or when you’re eating anything but this. Yes, it is that good. It’s a tempting and toasty bite that’s addictive. There’s also the 24-hour in-house smoked brisket sandwich. This decadent stack is so popular during brunch hours that Torre had to make it a permanent option on the menu. It’s an oozing, smoky, tender indulgence that pairs beautifully with a glass of Barolo.  


Torre loves a good glass of wine and doesn’t think you should have to take out a second mortgage to afford it, “Our pricing is also very affordable. I prefer to sell a bottle of Barolo at $65 and make less money for people to enjoy it. You can’t have a great meal with a shitty wine.” Torre says he sticks to a very simple rule “We don’t serve anything we don’t like.” So pretty much anything you’ll eat or drink has been personally vetted by Torre’s trusty taste and that’s a great thing to have on your side.


And trust that you’ll sit there at the bar chatting, enjoying your night, all while planning your future staycation at Tuck because sometimes it’s nice to getaway even if it’s in your own city.


Written by Linda Hosmer | Photography by Robiee Ziegler


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