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Sconely: Edible Memories

Sconely: Edible Memories

Scones had been on Julia Friedman’s mind for nearly a decade before she launched Sconely, her delivery-only bakery based out of Downtown Los Angeles. She planned to leave New York City in a mobile bakery called Scone Home, driving across the country selling baked goods based on her mother’s recipes until she landed in her new home in Los Angeles.


Her idea shifted, over time, from a mobile bakery to a technology driven bakery, with no brick and mortar location. Even though the Scone Home concept evolved into something different, you can feel the thread of “Home” coursing through every part of her business. It was Julia’s mother, a talented and caring baker, who inspired Sconely. “My mother always made sure that there was something for everyone at the table. She hated the idea of someone going without.”


When her mother passed away in December of 2015, Julia decided it was time to move forward with the business. “On one side, this helps me process what happened. I was with her when she passed away. It was really devastating because she was one of my best friends. I’m the kind of person that, because I’m an entrepreneur, I like to take an experience and do something with it. It feels really transformative or cathartic to do something with that,” Julia remembers.


Julia worked with recipe developer Dadi Revivo to create scones that fit anyone’s taste or dietary needs. The duo spent over a year honing recipes for a range of treats including many vegan and gluten-free options. While Sconely is a technology-driven bakery, every scone is made by hand and delivered by hand with care and the utmost attention to detail. You will find a regular-size sage leaf on a regular-size scone and a miniature-size sage leaf on a miniature-size scone. Sconely’s website recently launched, and just like the scones themselves, the website was built from scratch.


Scones are available by delivery in Downtown Los Angeles, Venice, and Santa Monica (for now), and can be ordered via her website. There are two options currently: Sconely Social for scone platters, and Sconely Pool, where multiple people can order scones together but pay individually.


All of the scones are named after family or friends of Julia. The Snorker, for example, is named after Julia’s cousin, Lori. During family vacations, Lori would sneak away to a closet with a handful of double chocolate chip cookies to devour alone. The family would hear her laughing so hard that she would snort, alone in the closet with her cookies. They started calling her The Snorker, a combination of snort and laughter. The scone named after Lori is a decadent double chocolate with hazelnut praline that fits right in at breakfast or dessert. You can feel the care and nostalgia that Julia brings to each scone. Each one carries a memory of family and of home.


The impossibly fluffy yet dense, savory yet tart, holiday scone, Lucky, features sweet potato, rosemary, cranberries, and caramelized leeks. The scone is named after a golden retriever that belongs to Julia’s brother in Seattle. While you eat that scone, you can’t help but feel transported to a cozy autumn day in a Pacific Northwest forest bundled up in a wool coat with Lucky by your side. As the holidays and anniversary of her mother’s passing approach, Julia thinks of her mother often. “I think she would be so happy and shocked to see all of this,” Julia smiled softly carrying a pristine platter covered in a variety of scones fresh from the oven. Later, she handed me a white paper bag with my name hand-written on the front and a few warm scones inside. I imagine Julia’s mother would have sent me on my way the same way.


Written by Kort Havens | Photography by Kort Havens


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