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The FYF DTLA Vibe Guide

The FYF DTLA Vibe Guide


This year's FYF has your weekend  jammed with great bands, good food and plenty of sunshine. We've created a line up of your favorite FYF artists, matched with our favorite DTLA bars. Don't cry because their set is over, smile because there is a downtown bar to keep the vibes going. Kanye West & Pattern Bar


It might seem like an odd pairing at first, but when you delve into the eclectic musical and cultural portfolio of Mr. West, and discover the delightful nuances of Pattern Bar and its fashion-orientated crowd, the artist and venue start to line-up with one another. It's not particularly large, or as ostentatious as FYF's eleventh hour call-up, but Pattern Bar certainly knows itself. Wake up Mr. West — this is one amazing downtown bar!

100 W 9th St. - photo by Caleb Thal

Morrissey & King Eddy Saloon


Purveyors of distinct originality, The King has established a reputation as one of, if not the, premiere downtown dives over the years. Yuppies steer clear — this local watering hole serves nothing but rocking good times.

131 E 5th St. - photo by Christian Thomas

Frank Ocean & The Varnish


Smooth like an aged whiskey. Class in a glass. And just like Frank Ocean (despite dropping out of the 2015 FYF lineup), The Varnish invites all who wish to escape reality to this hidden speakeasy. Concealed behind an unassuming door inside Cole’s—one of LA’s most iconic sandwich shops—the 1920’s-inspired cocktail bar is a true treasure. At The Varnish, an intimate experience begins the moment one steps inside.

118 E 6th St - photo courtesy of T-Sides

Flume & Veranda Bar at Hotel Figueroa


Downtown’s concrete oasis. Laid back beats resonate throughout this poolside Veranda Bar: a hidden gem housed in one of DTLA's most beautifully crafted spaces. Veranda is the place where you feel like you’ve been a thousand nights before and would come back a thousand more.

939 S Figueroa St. - photo by Justin Huft

Bloc Party & Broadway Bar


Continue your body rocking dance moves at the Broadway Bar, where lines and genres are blurred and the goal is always a good night for all. Stiff drinks, twisted ankles, chandeliers — just have a great time, nobody gives a care

830 S Broadway - photo courtesy of Broadway Bar

The Drums & Upstairs at Ace Hotel


Drumming beats and Kentucky Mai Tais will keep the yearlong summertime vibes alive at this breezy, rooftop bar. Located atop the still-recently renovated United Artists Theatre on the southern stretches of old Broadway, Ace Hotel has reinvigorated a community and provided one of the best spots in town for an amazing night and even better brunch the morning after.

929 S Broadway - photo courtesy of Ace Hotel 

Chet Faker & Seven Grand


Mature beyond its years, Seven Grand is a velvety blend of modern and classic. Away from the hustle and bustle of DTLA's foot traffic, the second-story whisky bar provides a top shelf liquor menu, eclectic playlist, and regular clientele capable of indulging your every conversational desire.

515 W 7th St. - photo by Alyse Gilbert

Simian Mobile Disco & The Exchange


Laser lights and unrelenting bass will keep the dance party going well beyond last call. The Exchange has long been one of Downtown's premiere nightlife destinations and comes with the promise of a crowd who are exactly where you want to be. Party on, stay hydrated.

618 S Spring St. -photo courtesy of The Exchange LA

The Jesus and Mary Chain & Redwood Bar


A pirate pub serving fists full of rock n roll, invites all who crave a genuine, no nonsense dive bar. So easily misunderstood, The Redwood isn’t your standard hole in the wall with cheap beer, and soggy fries. It has history and one hell of a menu. Come here for the live music, stay for the debauchery.

316 W 2nd St. - photo courtesy of Mila Reynaud 

Death Grips & Ham and Eggs Tavern

Ham & Eggs

Equally dark and cryptic. This dive bar’s facade fools passersby, but once inside it's understood that only the true enthusiasts of grit are thrashing their heads to heart pounding music. At Ham & Eggs you will find some of the coolest up-and-comers playing a room that, like Death Grips, they are destined to outgrow.

433 W 8th St. -photo courtesy of Ham and Egg

Kaytranada & Rooftop at The Standard


City sleek. Full bodied lush life. These rooftop vibes mix soulful melody and jaw dropping sights. Through multiple downtown eras The Standard has stood tall by the corner of 6th & Flower, its rooftop sanctuary the jewell in its historic crown. You’re going to want to remember nights like these.

550 S Flower St. -photo courtesy of The Standard Hotel

Mac DeMarco & Wendell


A low key bar that you stumble across and instantly become a regular at, Wendell is a cozy, old-school rock and roll joint with all the right charm. They’re best at the standard canon of cocktails — with nothing too fancy behind the counter, but if you know what you want, they’ll figure it out. It might even be better than you expected. You and Wendell were made for each other.

656 S Main St. - photo by Carolina Korman

FKA Twigs & The Love Song Bar


Immediate praise is given at first impression, but it’s ethereal and haunting beauty is only noticed when closely observed. Oh, the golden beauty of the love song it sings you with an emptied bar, but filled interior — decorated with the history and life of the city itself. You must stay awhile, for you’ll lose yourself, but find much, much more than you came for.

448 S Main St. -photo by Christian Thomas

Solange & X Lanes

X Lanes

The only place in town where you can bowl to neon lights, crush Karaoke, play pool, drink (way) too much, embarrass yourself playing Dance Revolution, and comfortably wear a bright, 80’s-fitness-video-inspired get-up with knee high socks. Yes, Solange and Yonce probably have done all those things here at one time...

333 Alameda St. #300 -photo courtesy of X Lanes

Badbadnotgood & Library Bar


A well groomed bar with a distinct and almost counter-cultural air of accessibility. Library Bar could easily have chosen the pretentious route, however the decade-old Financial District bar opens its arms to Downtown and lavishes the city with hospitality and love. Badbadnotgood might have one of the more mysterious and misleading names and vibes in music, and one could be forgiven for thinking Library Bar was something other than it is too.

630 W 6th St. - photo by Samantha Romero

Thee Oh Sees & Angel City Brewery

Angel City FYF

Garageband, warehouse brew. A down home place to get twisted. Angel City established itself as the 21st century Arts District brewery and, despite stiff competition, is still the measuring stick for downtown beer. Come alone or with your crew, there will always be an open seat.

216 S Alameda St. - photo courtesy of CalTechBikeLab

Library Bar

Library Bar

The Blue Room

The Blue Room