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Little Fluffy Head

Little Fluffy Head



The boba trend has swept through Los Angeles in recent years, but Little Fluffy Head is hoping to start the next wave with their cheese tea. A popular concept in China that owner Jenny Zheng is bringing to the US.

Zheng discovered cheese tea during a return trip to her home country of China and felt that she could adapt cheese tea for an American audience. Her goal is to “[open] people’s minds so that they can accept cheese tea.”


She has personally sourced her teas creating custom blends and unique recipes for each of the cheese tea toppings. Using high-quality ingredients was a driving factor in her adapted recipes which include California cream cheese, in-house whipped cream, and Himalayan pink salt.

If you haven’t seen one of her creations, imagine an iced tea latte with a whipped cream topping. There are three variations of the topping, classic, a creme brulee flavor which is saltier and one that has bits of cheddar cheese giving it a different texture and more pronounced cheese taste.


Zheng made sure to source special lids which have a circular dime-sized opening to allow for the perfect ratio of cheese to tea when sipping. Then when you’re about a third into the drink you can poke a straw through the opposite side of the lid and start mixing. The straw is wide like a boba straw so you can still slurp up the remaining cheese.

The menu is broken up into three parts: classic, milk tea, and premium, in order to guide first-time customers. Repeat customers are encouraged to mix things up with whichever teas and cheese toppings they prefer. The most popular thus far has been the “Dirty Mess,” a black milk tea with creme brûlée and Oreo toppings.

Zheng first became interested in tea while attending graduate school at the University of California, Los Angeles. While she was a student she worked at a tea shop near the campus. “I found a lot of joy in making tea and serving customers,” said Zheng.

Jenny has collaborated with many people to bring Little Fluffy Head together including Hunter Knight and Cheri Messerli who worked on the interior structure and interior design respectively.


The space has a long and narrow shape but the round seats and small tables create a cozy atmosphere for guests who’d like to enjoy their tea in the cafe. Zheng sited Blue Bottle as one of her influences, not just stylistically but also in their approach to service. She hopes to make everyone feel welcome when they walk in the door and to explain their concept in a warm, unpretentious way.


Little Fluffy Head will have a two-for-one drink special for the rest of September so grab a friend and go check it out!


Written By Allie Silvas
Photographed By Caleb Thal



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