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The Insider's Guide: DTLA Halloween Costumes

The Insider's Guide: DTLA Halloween Costumes



Halloween is just around the corner and it’s no secret that Los Angeles has a plethora of places to find that perfect Halloween Costume you’ve been looking for. However, you do not have to haul through headache-inducing traffic, battle the masses in overcrowded stores, or stand in endless lines to find the perfect costume. Downtown LA is packed full of lots of great Halloween costume options. So this year, stick close to home and shop locally with this handy guide of where to shop for Halloween costumes in DTLA.

The Fashion District

Beverly Hills Hosiery
The fashion district has always offered a large selection of Halloween costumes. For many people, the first stop for downtown LA Halloween shopping was always “Beverly Hills Hosiery”. Regrettably, the original Beverly Hills Hosiery that many came to know and love recently shuttered. However, as fast as the fabled store closed, new owners bought both the name, Beverly Hills Hosiery, as well as a few key pieces of the store’s legendary inventory. Shoppers familiar with the historic shop will find that the new Beverly Hills Hosiery isn’t quite the same. They will find that it is now a place of well-curated masks, wigs, costumes, and beautifully distinctive lingerie. In fact, the new Beverly Hills Hosiery will be the only store in the all of Los Angeles to stock the highly coveted costume line “Sugarpuss” for Halloween. Get in fast ladies-the inventory won’t last long here.
810 South Los Angeles St

Spice Lingerie
A short walk from “Beverly Hills Hosiery” is another lingerie shop called “Spice Lingerie”. Although not quite as curated as “Beverly Hills Hosiery”, “Spice Lingerie” offers a huge assortment of sequined bras, tutus, tights, and prepacked costumes. Spice Lingerie’s pre-packaged costumes start at $20 and go up to $60. A sequined bra will set you back about $20—30, but it is completely worth it.
915 Santee St Ste. 3

My Secret Lingerie
Another fashion district lingerie store worth stopping into for Halloween looks is “My Secret Lingerie”. Here you will find sequin bras and halter tops, corsets, sky-high heels, and tutus. Also worth noting, “My Secret Lingerie” stocks “Bunny Accessory kits” ($15-$20) which, when added over a corset and hot pants, contain almost everything you need to complete an iconic Playboy Bunny waitress uniform look.
315 E. 11thSt. Suite A

DV Italy
If a lady friend decides to pay homage to Hugh Hefner as an iconic Playboy Bunny Waitress this Halloween, why not complete the look by dressing as Hugh himself? At “DV Italy” you will find several velvet blazers for around $90 so you too can be looking as relaxed and as cool as Hugh once was.
915-2 Santee St.

If dressing in lingerie isn’t quite your thing for Halloween, the Fashion district still has options for you. At “Krishma” boutique you will find a selection of beaded clothing and accessories. For $65 you can get a beaded dropped waist dress that when accessorized with a long beaded necklace, and opera length gloves, will have many people mistaking you for an extra in a 1920’s feature. Or if you always wanted to dress like “I Dream of Jeanie” Krishma has you covered with belly dancing outfits ranging in price from around $50 a set.
930 Santee St Suite# 4

Dress A Med
If extreme comfort is your primary concern for Halloween and you’ve always secretly wanted to go to medical school, take the short cut and dress up as a Doctor for Halloween. “Dress A Med” in the fashion district carries a large selection of scrubs for men and women. Prices start at around $15 a set
1031-1/2 Los Angeles St

Bali Collection
Are you a guy that wants to go as Hunter S. Thompson or Al Pacino in “Scarface” for Halloween? If so, swing into “Bali Collection”. Their massive choices of Hawaiian shirts ($15-$25) will be sure to satisfy even the most critical Scarface fans. Or if all else fails to grab a grass skirt ($4-$8) and a coconut bra ($5). Bali Collection carries grass skirts in sizes to fit children to adults. The coconut bras, on the other hand, are one size fits all.
953 Santee St

The Toy District

In the toy district there is a secret utopia of princess costumes that contain massive amounts of tutus, fairy wings, tights, and snow white costumes. It is called “Wenchoice”. Prices are astonishingly cheap and the selection is pretty massive. Again, what parent that wouldn’t be thrilled to spend $20 on an adorable ladybug costume complete with wings and a headband? “Wenchoice” stocks sizes for children ages 2 years old to 7 years old.
330 East 4th St

7th and Fig

H&M + Target
Although it may seem obvious to some, many people don’t realize that H&M, and Target both sell Halloween costumes for adults and children. H&M deserves very high recommendation in this regard because they carry some exceptionably adorable children’s costumes at extremely affordable prices. And what parent doesn’t want adorable and affordable in a child’s Halloween costume?

If a highly stylized makeup application is what you need for your Halloween look, MAC is currently taking appointments for the week of Halloween. Prices for professional makeup application start at around $60. However, appointments fill up fast so make sure to book your appointment early.

Written By Jessica Torok
Photographed By Spice Lingerie

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