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Zinqué: Spend Day And Night At DTLA’s Newest Cafe-Walk-Up-Wine-Bar

Zinqué: Spend Day And Night At DTLA’s Newest Cafe-Walk-Up-Wine-Bar

There is no shortage of places to find everything from breakfast to dinner or from coffee to adult drinks in DTLA, but what there isn’t enough of is a place where you can do all of those any day of the week? You don’t have to imagine much because such a place exists fellow DTLAers and it’s called- Zinqué and it’s ready to welcome you without even having to step foot inside.


Having great real estate for outdoor seating is the best way to get our neighborhood curious about a business, but Zinqué really sweetened the deal by adding a wine bar to the debut of their restaurant + patio, right next door to the Ace Hotel and United Artists Theatre. More than a walk up wine bar and cafe, Zinqué has a great breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner menu that’ll keep you there all day. 


The inside has a chill but refined vibe where one could have a nice date but also bring a laptop and work all day. They open bright and early at 7 AM serving up espressos and coffee delicacies but once lunch gets going the plates get bigger and brighter. Inspired by the cuisine of his mother, grandmother, and hometown of Marseille, owner Emmanuel Dossetti proudly brings a mix of French inspired cuisine combined with a healthy California spin. Approachable foods with wines from independent producers and finely-crafted cocktails.


Opening up in DTLA’s South Park neighborhood/theater district Emmanuel was inspired by the vibrant community, and credits his, “strong in-house management, culinary, and operations team” for the success of their opening. The building’s beautiful renovation gives a bit of balance to the gorgeous United Artists Theater in the middle and therefore curb appeal.


Zinqué isn’t like other wine bars in the sense that it feels comfortable during any time of day. To Dossetti it’s “meant to feel like a chic friend’s home-away-from-home.. [And] a casual, come-as-you-are, day-to-night place for locals to gather, work and socialize.” A place where anyone is welcome and eating alone isn’t frowned upon. 


The regulars that already visit Zinqué on the daily love the Le Bowl, the Steak Frites, and the array of tartines. Their dishes are meant to be paired with their extensive wine list but cocktails and many more boozy options are available well until closing time. 


The allure of Zinqué lies in being able to create a relaxed atmosphere for patrons, all the while keeping up with their end of the bargain- French quality food and drinks. According to the manager, Flavien, also French, he’s witnessed the love of the DTLA community already. The location doesn’t hurt, “We’re surrounded by apartments, offices, and pedestrian friendly areas. We get to see a lot of people and we feel welcomed.” 

Get there at 7 AM, get there later, stay for dinner, or stay later- just get there because Zinqué is that all day DTLA haven you’ve been looking for. | 939 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA  90015-1619

Written by Mariana Ramos | Photography by Jack Strutz

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