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FlowerSchool LA: Teaching DTLA How To Live Life In Full Bloom

FlowerSchool LA: Teaching DTLA How To Live Life In Full Bloom

The more that our skyline grows, the more DTLA feels like a concrete jungle, and while greenery may be hard to come by- locals know where to go to spruce up their homes with some Mother Nature. The LA Flower Market is a popular tradition on a Saturday morning following brunch, but for floral design students- it’s heaven on Earth.


For the newly opened FlowerSchool Los Angeles, located on the edge of Little Tokyo and adjacent to the arts district, the LA Flower Market is a gift because it allows the school and its students to shop locally. Teaching sustainable floristry practices is extremely important to the school, and shopping local supports this philosophy. While floral design might be a new concept for some (it certainly was for me) FlowerSchool Los Angeles is here to educate those passionate on the subject and also to help florists navigate the ins-and-outs of becoming a professional florist.


New York, Paris, and Holland have long held the reigns for the most prestigious flowers and designers. After successfully running FlowerSchool New York for the last decade, Executive Director Calvert Crary knew it was time to highlight California, and DTLA is the perfect place for it. FlowerSchool Los Angeles offers a variety of programs such as an immersive 5-day course that marks the start of a more intense professional program for those ready to dive into the business. Don’t worry, there’s plenty for beginners, including immersive travel programs to Mexico City, Holland, England, France and Japan.

FlowerSchool LA is certainly one of a kind because they are the only professional development school aimed at training floral designers to be well-rounded and prepare them for success–not only on the design front but on the business end as well. In an industry with exponential growth and possibilities all over the globe, Thomas Sebenius, Operations Director of the school, hopes to equip flower shops and design businesses with new talent in and outside Los Angeles.


Thomas, a NY transplant but LA native, is not blind to the sense of community in DTLA and regularly hosts Open Studio sessions, special events, and workshops where highly accomplished and respected florists from all over the world come to visit and teach their specialty.  There is a program for everyone at FlowerSchool.

In the shop itself, there is a selection of vases, candles, and other exclusive tableware designed by other florists are available for sale. For an earthly touch, they also sell plants, minerals, a reiki infused skincare line and hand-made artisan goods.


As a complete and absolute newbie to this world, I can honestly say I looked at my finished product after an Open Studio session with Thomas (one of their many instructors) and beamed with pride. Not only did I learn a ton but the whole process felt quite therapeutic and it shocked me to see the resemblance between my arrangement and my personality. if you think there’s probably no way you could walk away proudly from your very first time- think again.


After you gather all the practical skills from FlowerSchool’s professional programs, you’ll be equipped with a certificate of completion, which helps, but Thomas says it’s the confidence reflected in his students that assures him of their forthcoming success. In my eyes, that is also a reflection of the success coming to FlowerSchool LA. | 223 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 | @flowerschool_la

Written by Mariana Ramos | Photography by Kort Havens

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