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The House of Machines: Live Fast, Work Smart

The House of Machines: Live Fast, Work Smart

By way of Cape Town South Africa, the combination of barrel-aged cocktails, coffee, and motorbikes came together like some sort of holy combination, only to sweep Los Angeles with its loudest, most recent venture yet. Following in the sub-cultural moto footsteps of its fast and fine brothers in Cape Town, as well as a more recent residency in Hokkaido, Japan, The House of Machines DTLA stands boldly as the first brick & mortar to grace The States -- and boy, are we a bunch of lucky ducks, Los Angeles. Easily the sort of atmosphere that you could get sucked into from morning until night, come to study or catch up on your emails and grab a coffee and the next thing you know, 8 hours have passed, you’ve swapped out your coffee for a beer, and now your laptop is responsibly stowed while you bob your head to the beat of live music.


Thanks to Chris and Fiona Richardson of LA Speedshop and a kindred partnership with BMW Motorrad, you can sip your Bobby Burns while you watch a bomber being built for some lucky, hardworking son-of-gun that’s stored his pennies in the right place. Even if you’re not this specific son-of-a-gun, its still an exciting process. Want to look the part? Bespoke moto merchandise and THoM’s own line No Limits Apply is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Also, if you’re looking to spruce up that old denim jacket, Chainsticher offers embroidery services hand-turned on a vintage machine by Ben Goetting. If all that jazz isn’t enough to get your engine revving, indulge in Evil Twin Coffee, order lunch from an abridged menu by Venice’s meat-centric Calimex haven, Clutch, or imbibe on an expert bar program. Why would you ever need to leave?


“Our craft cocktail program is very unique to LA and was created by Amanda Colom.” says bartender Liz Cassedy. “She really helped with the barrel-aged program too, and the craft cocktail program is all about fresh ingredients, we make our own syrups, tinctures, everything here. Every cocktail that you have is like a meal, every little detail is super important. We get custom ice from Penny Pound Ice that we use in our barrel-aged Old Fashioned.”


Known on the ‘gram as none other than Bad Birdy, a cocktail influencer and award-winning mixologist, Amanda Colom stands at the helm of THoM’s individual bar programs with talent and ingenuity practically oozing out of her pores. Oh yeah, and that Old Fashioned. We heard about this very treat from four separate patrons during our visit, and upon a single draw over the top of the large format custom cubes from that are used exclusively in this best seller, we understood. Spun with local Mulholland Whiskey, aromatic bitters, orange oil, and a smack of maple syrup for that smooth touch of sweetness to compliment the bourbon, the hype is real.


“But what if I’m hungry?” you may ask. Clutch, the Venice neighborhood eatery known for its smoked wings and tacos offers an abridged version of their menu for the culinary culmination of your experience. Popular items include their breakfast burrito complete with your choice of meat (pssst get the barbacoa), your choice of cheese, two eggs, beans, tater tots, and a side of mixed greens, as well as their Dry Rub Baby Back Ribs that are served with their delicious cheddar jalapeno biscuits.


When quiet time is over, the space is slightly cleared and the evenings are typically reserved for the very opposite of quiet time. Cue pure, unadulterated rock and roll. As bands will often play directly in front of the shop area, the back opens up to a music venue that can hold well over a hundred people, and is completely hidden from the street.


“We have live music every Thursday through Saturday and most Wednesday nights too, it’s fun.” says Liz “You know, you’re walking around downtown and wouldn’t even know these things exist.”

If you're still not sure where to spend your lunch break downtown, or your whole day for the matter, fix your sights on The House of Machines and don't worry about looking back. | 2028 E 7th St, Los Angeles CA 90021

Written by Dakota Nate | Photography by Robiee Ziegler

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