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The Haunt: A Creative Coworking Space To Cultivate A New Community

The Haunt: A Creative Coworking Space To Cultivate A New Community

Being an entrepreneur, a freelancer or remote worker definitely has some perks and while being your own boss/having your own schedule may sound like a walk in the park - it also has its downsides. Not interacting in a team or being in solitude for hours at a time can make it hard to get things done, hold yourself accountable for deadlines, or get past a creative block. Coworking spaces are the new fad and there are almost too many options to choose from right here in our DTLA community.


However, if you happen to be a creative entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote worker The Haunt is a haven for our kind. Brought to life by Rachel Gulotta and Daniel Inskeep, The Haunt now lives in the Arts District and they are ready to welcome all creatives. It all started with 2 simple goals: to create a comfortable space for creative people and to build a tighter knit community, like the one they had back home in Chicago.


Four years ago Rachel and Daniel realized the competitive atmosphere between creatives in LA- needed some changes, “Everyone can really support each other instead of fighting for jobs. We should be sharing everything from knowledge to contacts, it’s good to know other artists for business and in life.” They felt inspired to create a safe space for those creatives who are also too busy running their own business to meet new people and make friends.


After their YouTube channel, Mango Street took off and provided a substantial living for Rachel and Daniel, the photography tutorial duo built The Haunt from scratch with minimalist interior design and a breathable atmosphere. The Haunt is equipped with everything from gigantic wrap around LG Monitors to lockers and even electric scooters, but that’s not all.


Rachel and Daniel are also offering their members access to their other space next door- a fully equipped photography, video recording, and in the walk-in-closet a soundproof voice recording studio. They’re not limiting the number of activities to be done in there to creatives either- events (within reason) of any kind are welcome. The perks are all in the efforts that members will feel as if they are creating and coworking on a blank canvas.


For now, they have two memberships: $450/month for a private desk and $250/month for the shared table in the center of the room: both include access to the nitro cold brew coffee on tap (say no more), fridge stocked with plenty other drinks, Gigabit internet, and a discount to rent the studio next door.


The Haunt is fairly young, having just a soft opening last December so if you’re a creative looking for a different coworking space, one that perhaps doesn’t feel so crowded, and lets your mind wander but also harness ideas while at the same time becoming a part of an artist community- The Haunt is the place for you. | 1340 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Written by Mariana Ramos | Photography by Mango Street

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