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Lindy Loft: The Swing of Things

Lindy Loft: The Swing of Things

Nine floors above Main Street is a loft that revives the swinging era of Lindy Hop. On the count of eight, feet tap to the rhythm of Glenn Miller, quick little steps swing into a hop and a kick, while partners are pushed and pulled into acrobatic jumps. Lindy Hop is a style of swing dancing far from poodle skirt footwork we are most familiar with. This style brings energy and strength—Lindy Hop is “badass” as described by Sarah Breck, world champion swing dancer, and co-founder of Lindy Loft. It’s a lively dance that’s dynamic, freeing, non-judgemental and it’s what wife and husband duo, Sarah Breck & Dax Hock, specialize in their Downtown LA dance studio.  


Dax and Sarah started as dance partners who traveled the world to win championship titles and later made their way into “Dancing With The Stars.” A few close twirls and shimmies later, their partnership turned into marriage with an encore performance in raising two adorable little boys.


“We had bought a house in Pico Union because we wanted to separate our family from the studio, but I was home alone while he was teaching here. So I was super lonely all the time. I love having people come over!” says Sarah. One month later they packed up their stuff and moved into their DTLA studio where they eat, sleep and dance.


Their set-up is unique—a wooden dance floor is flanked by a reception desk and a toddler’s bedroom, the living room doubles as a lounge area where students socialize and take water breaks, and dozens of trophies mirror the shine of downtown’s skyline. It looks like a dance studio, it runs like a home, but most importantly it feels like a community.


During a Tuesday night class, students whose age range from 20s to 60s caught up on each other’s personal lives before Dax began the class. The rhythmic sound of jazz got the students to run into formation and immediately follow the routine without missing a beat. Some students added in an extra step for a little flair, some stuck to the choreography, all had smiles on their faces as they kick-ball changed across the room.


At Lindy Loft, your gender does not determine who should lead or follow so you can dip or be dipped with abandon. “Swing dancing doesn't have any expectations of how you should behave. So it's not like you have to be sexy or you have to be graceful. It’s totally acceptable if you just want to be goofy.” says Sarah.


Lindy Loft also offers private and group classes in Balboa, Shag, and Solo Jazz style dances but if you’re looking to experience and celebrate the culture of swing, check out their Vintage Rhythm party held twice a year. It features an evening of live music, swing dancing hot shots and plenty of two-left feet. Dax and Sarah offer a free class before the party so you get on the dancefloor and give it your best even if your footwork is a little clumsy—the beauty of lindy hop is that you’ll never look foolish no matter what level you dance in. | 560 S. Main St. Unit 9N, Los Angeles CA 90013

Written by Janica de Guzman | Photography by Chimera Singer

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