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The Hunt Vintage: Explore An Arts District Treasure Chest

The Hunt Vintage: Explore An Arts District Treasure Chest

Michael Glotzer, the owner of The Hunt Vintage in the Arts District, stands in his shop surrounded by Mid-Century furniture and housewares. Record players and typewriters dot the store and vintage art hangs on the wall. The soundtrack playing through his speakers is chill and inviting -- think The xx and The Shins -- and you get the sense that you’re not in a cookie-cutter furniture store. The energy of The Hunt Vintage is different. It’s a place that rewards curiosity.  A place where the furniture has a personality and an eclectic vibe.


This is a place you might wander into after dining at Guerilla Tacos a few blocks away. You walk in because it’s a cavernous warehouse filled with furniture that looks like it might be interesting.

At the front of the store are a few custom pieces that Glotzer has designed, and if you let yourself go in deeper you’ll start to see the treasures unfold around you.

Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to Glotzer if he’s there. He’ll be happy you came to check out what he has on the floor this week. His enthusiasm is infectious. His love of people, his love of design, and his love of the items in his store make it easy to wander around with him, listening to him tell stories about each piece.


Because he’s constantly selling things and buying new things the store is constantly changing. “I want people to come in every week,” he says. “I get so excited about this stuff. ‘Hey!’ I say, ‘Come look at this!’”

Glotzer worked in film and television as a set decorator and shopper, but when he started purchasing and selling Mid-Century furniture on eBay, he was able to transition his career.


“It’s not work for me,” he chuckles. “It’s a lucrative hobby.”

He opened The Hunt Vintage in Highland Park in 2014, and quickly his store began to attract attention for its eclectic choices and its Instagram presence, which Glotzer credits for a lot of his business.

When his lease was up he looked around LA for another location and when he found this warehouse in the Arts District on Mateo just south of 7th “it checked all the boxes,” he says. “Now I’m a cool Arts District guy!”


What he’s looking for in his furniture is “something that makes me laugh.” He likes cheeky, kitschy things. “I just have to like it,” he says. “It doesn’t matter the value.”


Glotzer offers free delivery for purchased furniture if it’s within the neighborhood. “I love this because I get to see inside a lot of cool lofts.”

“I love that people love vintage furniture,” he says. “They’re good people. They get it.”

Glotzer recently commissioned graffiti artist Jason Naylor to paint a 150 foot mural on the side of his warehouse. The wall now proclaims “California Love” in Naylor’s signature pastel palette to all those passing by.

Go in and say hi to Glotzer. Tell him The Downtowner sent you. He’s sure to be thrilled. | 812 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA

Written by Abel Horwitz | Photography by Rebekah Lemire

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