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Superfine Pizza: Pies Made in the Image of DTLA

Superfine Pizza: Pies Made in the Image of DTLA

Some of the best things in life go as followed: long walks on the beach, milk straight out of the carton, and yes, you guessed correctly -- a perfectly crafted pizza pie. The search for a sufficient slice in DTLA may not be the most difficult of tasks, but it’s certainly worth surfing the internet for a bit to find something spectacular. This is exactly what you’ll find as you saunter up to Superfine Pizza’s bright yellow service window off of San Pedro and 11th Street. Nestled within what was once the original wholesale produce district of LA, Superfine offers up slices of their expert selection of specialty pizzas, as well as 18” pies and build-your-own options.


Chef Steve Samson, the mastermind behind the 7,000 square upscale Italian eatery Rossoblu, which happens to sit just around the corner from Superfine -- and formerly of Soto -- sticks true to his Bolognese roots, giving homage to the meals his mother cooked for him all his life. With the intent of creating a smaller, more focused project after taking on the painstaking creation of Rossoblu, Samson strived to offer up the basic components of the craftsmanship displayed in his culinary background. The aesthetic is that of a more technicolor era, and although Superfine may be small and slightly tucked away, you can’t miss this glowing beacon from the street.


“It was basically my wife, Kevin, and Anna, his wife, Kevin helped us open Rossoblu.” says Samson. “We first had this idea, like let’s focus on produce and the fact that this used to be the produce district, so we were looking at old produce ads. We were looking at photos and one of the first things that came up was Superfine Plums, it was an old brand, and we’re like, “Huh, Superfine, that’s a great name. We came up with a few and that ended up being the best one.”  


The back-to-basics, laid-back attitude that emanates from the unadulterated simplicity of Superfine’s kitchen is one of the key factors in their success in creating the perfectly cooked pizza. With a sweet spot of 650 degrees, a Swedish electric oven cooks each pizza evenly with the character of each chosen topping left intact. Neapolitan-esque, yet with heavy with components of a New York-style pizza, Samson refers to it as LA-style pizza, a harmonious marriage of stacked toppings and a thin and crispy crust.


“The oven’s the only thing we have in there to cook. It’s not like we have a stove so that we can cook stuff ahead of time then put it on the oven, so everything has to cook on the pizza, but there’s nothing wrong with that.” says Samson. “You have fresh vegetables you just have to throw on the pizza, so why not? That was kind of the idea going in, since we’re in Southern California, we’ve got great produce.”

In fact, fresh vegetables have a huge role in what makes each pizza an edible masterpiece. Bestsellers like Superfine’s Es-ca-role, topped with escarole, chilis, red onion, and salt-cured olives atop a bed of mozzarella and smoked provolone tops the list along with their beloved vegan option, Veganissima -- topped with a bed of herbs, tomato, garlic, capers, salt-cured olives, and olive oil. On the more carnivorous side of things, Superfine uses only humanely-raised antibiotic-free meats and much like the veggies, no detail in quality is spared in terms of their meat forward options either.


“Our Salami Honey with spicy salami and buckwheat honey, people love that one. That was also a pizza we did at Soto.” mentions Samson. “Buckwheat honey isn’t as sweet as other honeys. It has a little bitterness to it almost, so it’s like cheesy, salty, cheesy, then with the sweetness and spiciness, it’s really good.”

Just steps from surrounding evening and weekend hotspots, on a night out in the Fashion District, Superfine is a must -- especially if you need to soak up some of the wine in your belly. Even on a night in you can have a Superfine pie delivered to your door via Caviar, Postmates, and Uber Eats, with direct delivery becoming available in the near future, so now you have no excuse not to open your heart to all of the farm-fresh, cheesy goodness that Superfine has to offer. Superfine opens at 11 am Monday through Friday and 5 pm on the weekends, so don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and find out for yourself! | 1101 San Pedro St unit f, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Written by Dakota Nate | Photography by Robiee Ziegler

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