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V DTLA: A Sublime Sense of Quality

V DTLA: A Sublime Sense of Quality

When you walk into V DTLA, the new restaurant opening in the historic Brock Jewelry Building on 7th Street and Grand, the first thing you’ll notice is the circular bar that greets you in the main entryway. 

“We looked at the old concepts for Brock Jewelry and we brought back the display case that was in the center of the store,” says Christian Lagerlöf, the co-founder of V DTLA.

“We wanted to honor the past,” continues Lagerlöf. “Once it was jewels that were on display here, but now the jewels are our customers.”

Lagerlöf comes to restaurants by way of telecommunications and engineering in his native Sweden. He and his business partner, Benjamin Calleja, have approached restaurants with a unique mindset. Lagerlöf comes from a scientific approach and Calleja from an emotional and artistic point of view.

Both of them complement each other quite well, and you can see the play of what they’re doing in the stunning interior of V DTLA. The space, formerly occupied by Mas Malo, has undergone a complete transformation. There is an upscale yet playful sense to the place. As with all things in V DTLA, this was entirely by design.

The V DTLA team has highlighted the original design of the high-end jewelry store, taking full advantage of the original mahogany wood display cases. They have decked out the space with beautiful fossilized wood table tops, emerald tiles, and art-deco touches. The murals on the walls have been painted by renowned Spanish graffiti artists Pichi & Avo.

Though V DTLA has an opulent feel to it, Lagerlöf and Calleja have made sure to keep the restaurant approachable. 

“We spent a lot of time thinking through the cocktails that we’d have, the food that we’d have. We wanted everything to be affordable and delicious. We are offering a luxurious experience but not an exclusive one,” says Lagerlöf.

Food will be offered throughout the day, beginning with coffee service in the morning and going past dinner all the way to last call. “We want this to be a like a SoHo House without the membership,” says Lagerlöf. “Come in the morning with your laptop, or meet friends after work for happy hour.”

Cutting edge technology pulses through the space, but if Lagerlöf has done his job right, you won’t notice it at all. 

“We utilized technology to create better experiences,” says Lagerlöf. “V is designed to satisfy all five senses.”

Lagerlöf notes that taste and smell will be covered by their impressive food and drinks. Touch comes from the food as well, but also the restaurant’s design. “You’re touching quality,” explains Lagerlöf. “From the tables and seats to the silverware. We made sure to get the balance exactly right when you hold the fork.”

The sound of the restaurant will be a rotating set of DJ’s who have been hired specifically to gauge the mood and tone of the space. Additionally, the V DTLA team has worked on the acoustics of the space, ensuring that wherever you are in the restaurant you won’t have to strain to hear your friends speak.

This leaves the sense of sight, which you’ll find in many forms. From the food, beautifully prepared and plated, to the stunning interior design, V DTLA is visually stimulating.

V DTLA presents a bold new approach to the restaurant industry. A deliberate and thought out experience from a group of gifted restaurateurs looking to make their mark on DTLA. 

You’re invited to come and visit. Your senses will be delighted. | 515 West 7th Street

Written by Abel Horwitz | Photography by Robiee Ziegler

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