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Arch The: Seoul Angeles

Arch The: Seoul Angeles

When you enter this all white shop tucked away off of Mateo in the Arts District, you might think you’ve accidentally stumbled upon a new art gallery as your attention is immediately drawn to an artsy altar flanked by a beautifully sculpted and chunky legged chair by popular London furniture designer Faye Toogood.  But after noticing the delicately hung clothing and perfectly placed Korean tableware, you’ll know this is an actual shop living its best minimal life.


This is ARCH THE, a clothing and lifestyle label by Korean designer Joo Eunsil. Joo is aiming to inject the aesthetic of Korean fashion into DTLA with a calm and collected shop. “ARCH THE pursues comfortable yet exquisite quality with concise silhouette and pragmatic detail,” according to Joo’s site.


The bare shop helps to highlight the bare essentials of well-made, “Made in Korea” pieces in neutral tones with textures ranging from paper-thin cashmere to 100% cotton. At first touch, the quality of these simple dresses, tees, and jumpsuits are immediately recognizable.


But the shop goes beyond women’s clothing, you’ll also spot loved L.A.-based makers like Humble Ceramics, pottery from Kyoto and large-scale baskets that can easily double as stand-alone art pieces.


If you’re riding the minimalist train then ARCH THE will be your new favorite place to score a beloved row of staples for your closet.


Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s surrounded by other notable neighbors in the Arts District with The Good Liver home goods shop right next door, Guerrilla Tacos across the street and Everson Royce Bar right around the corner. All this is to encourage you to spend an entire Saturday on this block and thank us later. | 711 Mateo st Los Angeles.C.A 90021

Written by Linda Hosmer @blockanimal | Photography by Chimera Singer

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