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PCP: Tap Into A CBD Cocktail

PCP: Tap Into A CBD Cocktail

Australia has been doing coffee right for years, and Paramount Coffee Project is perhaps the shining example of this trend. Hailing from Sydney, Paramount Coffee Project (PCP, if you’re cheeky) gained a cult following for their flat whites, avocado toast, and innovative coffee program highlighting world-class roasters. This spring they opened in ROW DTLA, bringing not only their world-class coffee shop to downtown, but they also hold the distinction of being the first restaurant downtown to feature CBD cocktails on tap.


CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, which is the chemical that gets you high when you imbibe in cannabis (which, of course, is now legal to purchase in California for anyone 21+), CBD provides a euphoric feel, lessens anxiety and can help people suffering from seizures, cancer, and inflammation. It has been called “The drug you can do at work.”

“Bringing in CBD cocktails was really cool,” says Hugh Kitson, PCP’s DTLA manager, “but first we knew they had to be delicious.”

Enter Monk Provisions, a high end purveyor of drinking botanicals, who mix fresh pressed juices, herbs and botanicals with CBD, whose cocktails are indeed delicious.

CBD cocktail

CBD cocktail

“There are no refined sugars or preservatives in our drinks,” says Aaron Burke, the co-founder and CEO of Monk. “We wanted to come up with a craft cocktail without alcohol, but still wanted to give people an experience that felt good.”

That all sounds great, but is this legal to sell in a coffee shop?


“Our CBD comes from organically grown hemp,” says Burke, “and since hemp is legal in all fifty states, we can sell to the public without any problems.”

“Our cocktails are formulated to be highly absorbent,” continues Burke. “Because they are so clean your body absorbs it well.” You will start to feel the euphoria after only a few minutes, akin to how long it takes to begin feeling the effects of alcohol.


“Putting CBD cocktails on the menu diversifies what we’re doing here,” says Kitson. “We’re going to be bringing in a wine program for the evenings, and this can be great for someone who isn’t drinking to enjoy a night out with their friends.”

“It is also excellent for hangovers,” smiles Burke, “so it can be great at breakfast time, too.”


Maybe it’s the half tiger/half shark murals on the walls (tigershark, get it?), or the CBD cocktail kicking in, but PCP just feels good. Their space is bright and airy, complimenting their excellent coffee selections. Their DTLA-exclusive menu, crafted by chef Ria Dolly Barbosa, formerly of coffee shop Go Get Em Tiger, brings her LA via Philippines sensibilities to the dining area with items such as uni toast and the roast lamb sandwich.

“The space is similar to our first shop in Sydney,” explains Kitson. “It has a beautiful, industrial feel. We love the height of the ceilings and the amount of light it brings in. We wanted to create a space that people want to come to and hang out in.”


Paramount Coffee Project, with their killer lineup of coffees, foods, and a very special cocktail, has opened with an incredible splash. Grab yourself a table, sip your drink, and settle in for an afternoon at ROW DTLA. | 777 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Written by Abel Horwitz | Photography by Caleb Thal




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