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Dopolavoro: “A Trip Around the World”

Dopolavoro: “A Trip Around the World”

Next time you find yourself sipping on a Spritz at Terroni do yourself a favor and walk down the hall and enter Dopolavoro next door. It’s a small market with shelves stocked with fancily jarred goods and a wine selection that’ll take you around the world without leaving your zip code.


“I try and balance products that personally, as a chef, I enjoy working with, traditional European products that are hard to come by in the DTLA area and interesting products that people who enjoy experimenting with food can appreciate.  All that, put together with the staple ingredients and fresh produce, I feel that anyone at any cooking experience level can shop here and have a great meal at home,” says Stephen Murray, Executive Chef of Terroni and Dopolavoro.


Dopolavoro means “after work” and the vibe in here is most definitely inspired by neighborhood markets in Europe. It’s a modern and beautifully organized quick one-stop shop.


To be honest the homemade gelato at Dopolavoro is enough to get you in the door because the blood orange negroni gelato is truly a scoop of time travel. All of the sudden you’re on a boat off the coast of Italy wearing a headscarf, laughing at your troubles.  It’s a “Roman Holiday” for your mouth and so much more affordable! But we’re not going to end the article there because there’s so much more to uncover here! And here’s some advice on how to maximize your experience at Dopolavoro. Check out their handcrafted and “ready to drop in boiling water” pastas and sauce. I mean who doesn’t like a meal that tastes like it took you hours to make yet only ate up minutes of your time. Well, it’s possible. It’s a fast luxury that’ll wrap up your workday perfectly. Oh and don’t forget to grab one of their baguettes because we all know extra sauce doesn’t sop up itself.


And before you walk out the door make sure to browse Dopolavoro’s carefully composed selection of wines from around the world. It’s so nice to pick from a narrow selection that’s been put together with care – it eliminates the stress of matching your meal with the perfect sip.  There’s also a counter with fresh cheeses and meats including a sexy leg of Jamón ready to be sliced up for your eating pleasure.


DTLA-dwellers have certainly come a long way from the days when market options were lacking. They’re now living their best lives!

So come on in and let Dopolavoro elevate how you shop for cooking staples. | 808 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Written by Linda Hosmer | Photography by Robiee Ziegler








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