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Speedplay: Work(out) Hard, Play Hard

Speedplay: Work(out) Hard, Play Hard

Embracing DTLA’s ethos of working hard and playing hard, Speedplay - located at 11th and Hope Street - combines both, giving downtowners one of the best workouts around.


Speedplay was founded by Xavier Quimbo, a licensed nutritionist and personal trainer, and Doctor Ryan Pendon, a chiropractor. It is designed to give you a workout that will shape your body into a long and lean machine. “Let’s get the basics out of the way,” says Quimbo, “Speedplay is the best way to lose body fat.”


A workout at Speedplay starts with distance intervals on the treadmill, alternating between all-out sprints, jogs, and brisk walking. Quimbo points to the Woodway Curve, a non-motorized treadmill that acts as the main focal point of the Speedplay workout. “It’s a safe way to get a cardio workout,” Quimbo explains.

From there you move to the floor to do weight and mat work, or step onto the rowing machine for more interval training. The workout is high-intensity and always varied. “If you come here every day you aren’t going to be using the same muscle groups,” says Quimbo. “It’s designed to give you variety in your workout, because life is boring when it’s monotonous.”


Quimbo is very selective with the trainers he hires. “Every instructor has to have a good taste in music,” he smiles. “I look for instructors that are passionate, have that twinkle in their eyes and can move correctly.”

Speedplay’s mix of varied, high-intensity workouts and talented trainers has proved successful in the DTLA community. Quimbo proudly points to one of Speedplay’s clients, a businessman who has a knee injury and avoided running his entire life. After starting to come to Speedplay he’s lost 15 - 20 pounds.


“Coming to Speedplay is never really about the workout,” says Quimbo. “Working out and losing weight is the means to an end. Getting your body into shape is a catalyst to live your best life. Period. And Speedplay is the most efficient workout out there. Whatever ‘Your Best’ means to you … your family, your career … you cannot give your best unless you feel your best.”

Written by Abel Horwitz | Photography by Rebekah Lemire


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