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luminhero: For the love of fitness

luminhero: For the love of fitness

This time an empty warehouse in the middle of the Arts District, the previous one on a rooftop. The unconventional location starts to fill up as people start walking in. Some of them came in groups while others came alone. These little details begin to become extremely unimportant. People of all walks of life are gathered on a Saturday morning, drenched in sweat, all smiles, with only one thing in common – a love for fitness.


luminhero, the company behind these pop-up workout events, was started with precisely this vision in mind – To bring together people who love working out and then eventually build a community. They have held multiple events to share stories of various people, many of which have triumphed from a setback or handicap. All of them take on to fitness as a way of life. luminhero is all about sharing these stories and acts as a connective force for all of these people.


The founder of Luminhero, Rock Lee, embodies what the company is about. He is young, energetic, passionate and most importantly, is unabashed about his love for fitness. With a combined penchant for storytelling and fitness, Rock aims to inspire the hero in all of us. Sharing the stories of triumphs only encourages others to overcome challenges. Everyone gathers at an event space, ready to sweat, ready to emerge just a little bit better than when they came and prepared to be inspired.


Luminhero is essentially a movement spurred by the people and the community. It grows when the community grows and it thrives when the community thrives. As luminhero gets bigger and bigger, there are now more stories to tell and more ears to listen. Often, it helps to know that others are going through the same struggles as you, it helps, even more, to know that they got through it and that you, too, have hope. Fitness is the easiest way to feel empowered, moreover fitness in the setting that Luminhero has provided - A large, open space, equipped with fun props like huge balloons, an inspirational team leader to lead the workout and a community of like-minded people.

Friendships are forged, spirits are lifted and everyone is a little healthier than they were before they walked in. “See you at the next event,” seems to be the note that everyone left on.


Be prepared for the next luminhero pop-up workout event in Downtown LA, it is, like all of its previous events, going to top the one before it. All you need is your shoes, a yoga mat and yourself. It also does not hurt to drag a friend with you.

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Written by Amanda Gunawan | Photography by Rock Lee



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