Written by:
Linda Hosmer
Photographed by:
Oriana Koren

Tags: Drink

Map It: 2017 E 7th St.


Cool, dark, and handsome

“I feel bad for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day,” you’ll find this Frank Sinatra quote on Tony’s Saloon’s Twitter feed. And it kind of sums up what Tony’s is about. As soon as you walk in you feel good, at ease. You’re in for a solid night of drinks with zero fuss. You’re definitely not going to get a Shakespearean soliloquy about the well-made drink in front of you.


Tony’s Saloon is the dark dive we all go back to time and time again after we’ve had our fill of the pretentious bar scene. It’s home. It’s where your happy hour turns into a couple of hours. It’s where you can shoot some pool, listen to some tunes on the jukebox and sip on your not so outrageously priced drink. “We created and built a program around the bones of a great bar,” says Tony’s bar manager Tim Heller. But he insists it’s the loyalty of its customers that feed into the place’s longevity.


Then there’s the small magical window that connects the bar to its delicious neighbor – Pizzanista! Next thing you know you’re a Pizza Peeping Tom, as you zone out on each slice sliding through the window. And no matter how much you try and resist you will be ordering some pizza . . . well right after you order another perfectly made Old Fashioned, the popular Live/Work vodka cocktail, or a Golden Road brew. You get the point — pizza and drinks — they’re best friends.



Looking around Tony’s you’ll also spot a shadow box paying tribute to counterculture and unedited journalist Hunter S. Thompson. But why? Tim says he found out that long before 123 Nightlife took over the bar “they used to run numbers out of here for the horse races.” So it’s believed Hunter S. Thompson stopped in a couple of times. Booze, pizza, and a Hunter S. Thompson connection — what more do you need?