Written by:
Janet Sung
Photographed by:
Caleb Thal

Tags: Drink

Map It: 448 S Hill St


on another level

Walk into Perch on any evening during the week, and find yourself on another level — literally. Nestled in the heart of the Historic Core, this hot spot is a veteran of downtown’s nightlife. Having opened up four years ago, Perch is the first bar to sit on the roof of an occupied building. Take the elevator to the 15th floor and find yourself at its restaurant/bar/lounge area. Take the elevator one floor up to the 16th if you’re looking to enjoy just cocktails in its upper lounge.


The array of faces at the bar is similar to that of an airport — you’ll see all different kinds of people. The owner wanted the bar to be reminiscent of New York, and the diversity in customers does just that. The bar is known for its jazz, which adds the perfect downtown city vibe. The music never overpowers and provides a nice surprise for its guests. The bar sources its talent by connecting with local artists. You can enjoy a drink and a delicious dinner with a beautiful view alongside some catchy tunes. Wednesday nights are famous for “jazz and oysters” where a server brings by a shucking cart. Bar 13, located on the 13th floor, is the business’ best kept secret. It’s open to the public only a few times a year.



One perk of being a downtowner at Perch is that the long line outside to get in never applies to you. Simply show your I.D. with your downtown LA address, and cut to the front. With the holidays approaching, Perch is perfect for any type of night. “When you look down over Pershing Square and see the Christmas lights, it transforms the whole city,” says Joseph Ojeda, the bar’s Director of Operations, of the ambience during the holidays. The bar is known to throw fabulous parties, so it’s best to keep Perch in mind for the end of the year. Rumor has it that last years New Year’s Eve party even included a confetti canon at midnight.