Written by:
Linda Hosmer
Photographed by:
Kort Havens

Tags: Eat

Map It: 814 Traction Ave.



Winner, winner, chicken dinner! We’ve all heard the saying but have you ever tasted it? Well you will after you have your first few bites of chicken at Fritzi Coop in the Arts District.

“They wanted to be that destination for chicken down here (DTLA),” says Fritzi Coop rep Julia Adkerson. The simple design and open layout give you the room you’ll need to go chicken crazy in here and trust us you’ll want to — how could you not with star chef Neal Fraser (Redbird) at the helm. The man is known to be relentless when it comes to nailing down perfection and the proof can be found in the number of people flocking here to catch a taste. “He knows that you need to brine chicken for 24 hours. He knows that all of those aromatics are so key to making that chicken taste so great,” says Adkerson.fritzi2

So let’s dig in to what you should definitely order here! We’ve all heard of fried chicken but have you ever had Naked Fried Chicken? If you’re shaking your head no, then say yes to it next time you roll into Fritzi Coop. The Naked Fried is their gluten-free, juicy and crispy chicken without the robe of batter normally cloaking classic fried chicken. Or you can go in the complete opposite direction and be a gluten glutton with the Classic Buttermilk Fried Chicken. This one’s TRIPLE-battered which means the crunch factor just keeps on giving. Oh and now that we’ve committed fowl play let’s just throw in some must-have sides shall we? Definitely go for the potato waffles with cheddar cheese — it’s like a melted, savory breakfast pillow of comfort. And do not forget to drown all of your caloric sins with their seasonal agua fresca — a refreshing balance to all the decadence you’ll soon be crawling back to repeat in no time.fritzi3

And before we let you go and check this place out for yourself — know that you can take a chicken break any time you want and order the best damn bacon and beef blend burger ever from the secret menu. Shhhhhh! We said secret so don’t ever say we never gave you nuthin’.