Written by:
Rayna Jensen
Photographed by:
Alyse Gilbert

Tags: Eat

Map It: 220 W. 8th Street


Chill out, have a pop.

Summer downtown—the sidewalks are on fire and just the walk from office to the coffee shop is enough to get a business-casual tan.

But don’t worry—we found a cure. It’s $3 plus tax and it’s probably walking distance away. Artesana, located in the Tower Theater building on 8th and Broadway, has got the best artisanal popsicles in town.


It’s a tiny store, with just a top-lid freezer and a couple stools, but their ice pops mean business. And if you’re the type to think a popsicle is a popsicle is a popsicle: when was the last time you found anything grapefruit-hibiscus flavored in the frozen section at Ralphs? Watermelon-lemongrass? Plus, these pops are dreamt up by a cute husband-and-wife team and a few passionate ice pop artisans, who make everything by hand with fresh, seasonal ingredients, which means Artesana cracks their own coconuts and opens their own vanilla pods and peels their own pineapples. They pick only the best of everything. No funny business.

artesana2  artesana4

Flavors change based on what produce is available, but some you can count on this summer are Greek yogurt with raspberry and vanilla bean, Vietnamese coffee, and spicy mango. Got a simpler palate? Don’t worry—their more classic flavors, like Very Very Strawberry, are every bit as good. But some of these sell out regularly, so get there early—they’re open from 12 to 7, with a break between 2:30 and 3:00. They’re closed on Mondays and on rainy days. So, just Mondays.